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Rechargeable Adjustable Headlamp, Zoom/Waterproof LED White Yellow Color High Lumen Headlamp Flashlight Torch Power Bank For Adult Outdoor Camping Fishing Adventures

Color: Yellow


  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: The LED bulb can reach 6000 lumens, and the beam range reaches 300 meters and is clear, which is sufficient for outdoor operations and emergency use.
  • DESIGN: equipped with three lighting modes, with induction switch, with UBS charging and mobile power supply, the lantern can be charged through the UBS cable (included), and can also be used as a mobile power supply to charge your mobile phone, very practical
  • WATERPROOF: even if it is accidentally dropped into the water, as long as it is quickly removed and wiped dry, it can be used normally. Very suitable for outdoor work at night, sea fishing, camping, adventure, etc.
  • REMINDER: During use, since the headlight is very bright, please do not aim the aperture at your eyes to avoid visual impairment. Due to the durability of the product and the effect of long-term use, the tightening ability of the stretchable belt is reduced. 

Brand Name: STEVVEX Lamp
Model Number: ST4LMNOP230 

Light Source: LED Bulbs
Switch Mode: STROBE
Wattage: 32W
Beam Angle: 60°
Purpose: Camping ,Cycling
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: 3* 18650 battery
Capacity: 7800mAh
Emitting color: White /Yellow