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Professional Women Beauty Sponge Mushroom Head Powder Puff With Handle Smooth Shaped Make Up Colorful Sylish Design



  • BEST QUALITY: High quality nylon and soft synthetic hair, can give you perfect and flawless makeup. 
  • GENTLE TO THE TOUCH: Ladies with sensitive muscles can also use it with confidence, because his hair is mild and does not have the slightest irritation on the upper face. Both the texture and the touch are no different from animal hair, and the fiber hair is better than animal hair. 
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH: It is soft to the touch and does not stick to the face, easily sticks to the powder, and makes the makeup natural. The size is large enough for quick makeup application. It can also be touched up, added and localized highlights. It is also very suitable for nasal profile brushes. The bristles are of moderate length and have sufficient elasticity. They are used for smudging eyeliner, eye tails and lying silkworms. All very good

Brand Name: STEVVEX Beauty
Model Number: ST38BE8005HOM

Quantity: 1
Item Type: Cosmetic Puff
Size: about 9cm
Material: Sponge